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This week is the last week of the second semester in our university. Time to celebrate? No, it is too early for that. The following week would be our finals week. That means we have to fulfill all our requirements – reports, papers, projects, exams, etc. – all before this week ends in high hopes of being exempted from taking the final exams. That also means a full length week of super stressful days and sleepless nights. Yeah, there is no other way to go but to survive this week. And I will do everything in my power to accomplish every single task waiting on my list. Everything. For as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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It sucks being sick! I mean, you have to stay home and rest a lot until your body recovers. You get unnecessary delays in all your work, consequently making your deadlines more difficult to meet. Also, you have to deal with headache, body pains, fever, cough, runny nose, and all those nasty stuff.
So, yeah, I’ve learned my lesson. I have to eat well and take multivitamin supplement. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

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One of my shirts says “Music feeds my soul.” I bought the shirt simply because it sums up the role of music in my everyday life. And in order to fully enjoy music, one must be able to create one, i.e. singing and playing instruments.

The first instrument that I learned to play is the guitar. I have been playing since I was in high school but until now, I still do not own one. I was told to check out the washburn guitars at musicians friend. I think they’re pretty neat and I’m sure they would sound great based on the price range. It’s kind of steep for beginners but it’s a good investment for regular players. And yes, they offer discounts on some of these babies.

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Having musically inclined friends is pretty awesome. Aside from enjoying free entertainment when they perform even just a little, I get to learn a lot of things.

One friend of mine plays the flute. He said that owning a flute needs extra effort in maintaining the instrument. He has to always have his great flute cleaning kit with him so that no amount of debris would sit long on any part of the instrument’s headjoint, body, and foot. He has to do this before and after using his flute so that the sound may not be affected in any way.

It’s kind of a load of work just to enjoy the sweet and mellow tone of the flute. But hey, for what it’s worth, why not? Right?

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Jamming sessions are one of the things I enjoy doing with my friends. Most of the times, it happens just because we’re all bored and we have some time to burn. Most of the time, we do a Capella covers or acoustic versions of pop and rock songs. Such renditions just soothe our souls after an exhausting week.

But one of my friends has an actual rock band which rehearses on a regular basis. One time, he brought me to one of their practice sessions. I was expecting a loud, noisy, eardrum-exploding atmosphere in the studio. He told me not to worry since their guitarist uses new roland xl40 amplifier. And he was right. The instruments were loud but very clear and harmonious. The licks and riffs from the electric guitar were so smooth that the guitar solos were just as soothing as our acoustic sessions.

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The holiday season is the time of the year when people tend to go on a shopping frenzy. Aside from the fact that most of us in the working class receive a significant spike in our financial resources, the prices of a lot of produce and merchandise in the market go really low. A wide variety of stores also offer packages and promos that are hard to resist for the holiday shopper – bakeries, fruit and vegetable stalls, flower shops, fashion botiques, fashion jewelry stores, gadget hubs, airline agencies, and what have you. And the good thing about these tempting deals is that some of them last even after the holidays. So even if the Yuletide is over, it does not necessarily mean that the shopping spree should also be over. While those offers still stand, let’s shop till we drop. Or at least, until we run out of money.

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It’s amazing to make such a big university become a small community where graduates of the same discipline seem to know each other by face or through connections with one another like a vast span of network. Oftentimes, these people would run into each other in a coffee shop, the cinema, the mall, or even in the corner of the street even outside the university gates and would flash a smile to recognize each other. You would hear that someone is getting married and you would suddenly recall that this someone was once a classmate of your in one of your subjects even if the same someone is three to four years older than you. And speaking of marriage, news has gone out that a colleague of my housemate was finally getting marries. They are to wed this coming Saturday but they are still looking for a wedding dj. They figured that due to the high number of events and a series of parties being held during this season, booking a dj is a challenge they have to deal with. They wanted to hire a dj to play their favorite music and to entertain their guests during the reception after the wedding. I hope they can get one before the wedding date or they will be wed without a mix of lovely music.

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